7 Halloween Appetizers That Will Serve Your Party

Halloween is approaching us and it’s the best time to serve your beloved ones with some creepy or spoofy fun styled appetizers. They are easy to make and above all, it takes less than 30  minutes to cook them.

Mummy Pizza

Presenting this Mummy Pizza as trick or treating give anyone shivers with its spooky eyes staring at you while pepperoni adds the yum taste. Use your favorite pizza sauce along with Mozzarella cheese and pepperoni slices to serve the best. GET FULL RECIPE

Spider Pizza

I love pizza due to the simplicity and taste that it gives. You can try to get full pizza with spiders on it or try out small pizzas with spiders creeping you. You only need pizza dough, pizza sauce, Mozzarella cheese, and black olives to serve the best. GET FULL RECIPE


So much fun to make this Mozzarella eye will certain to do the trick. What you need is Mozzarella Eyeball with tomato and tomato sauce. GET FULL RECIPE 

Spooky Chorizo Hand Pies

I would love to have sweet candy at a Halloween party but the Halloween party best serves with spooky savory snacks. These bizarre-looking pumpkin snacks take only between 20-30 mins to cook. GET FULL RECIPE

Jalapeño Popper Mummies

I assume not everyone adores jalapenos when they are cooked or serve alone. But how it looks when filled with cheese and your favorite dough is another yummy you should try. All you need is candy eyes, shredded paperback cheese, cream cheese eggs, etc. GET FULL RECIPE 




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